About Dr. Kilstein

Dr. Harlan Kilstein

Dr. Harlan Kilstein

Harlan Kilstein is one of the foremost copywriters today.  He has written for the top online gurus and has created hundreds of successful websites.

He has a doctorate in education (Ed.D.) and did post graduate work at the prestigious Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Harlan got started in copy when he owned his own hypnosis franchise in Florida.  The franchise model was based on successful newspaper ads but franchise owners soon discovered… the ads burned out rather quickly.

Harlan immediately plunged into the world of direct response copywriting by training with the world’s greatest teachers of copywriting and direct marketing.

In rapid order Harlan immersed himself into the training of Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Jay Abraham, Carl Galletti and David Garfinkel.  These people had no idea at the time that soon, Harlan would be counted among their number.

Harlan’s newspaper ads in the Miami Herald caused a flood of business to his hypnosis offices and soon, other franchises around the country were begging for the ads.

That’s when disaster struck.  The owner of the hypnosis franchise would no longer let Harlan use his own proven ads.  He wanted uniformity instead of success.  At that point, Harlan shut down his hypnosis offices and began working full time as a copywriter.

Because of his background in hypnosis and NLP, Harlan rapidly became acknowledged as the world’s leading authority on NLP Copywriting.

Today, he is a sought after speaker, copywriting teacher, and top marketing consultant.

He doesn’t accept many clients these days unless it’s a niche he is familiar with.  He spends his time consulting huge 7,8, and 9 figure businesses on growth strategies.