Forbes Magazine Discovers Curation – 7 Reasons Why Content Curation Rocks

Are you tired of the internet marketing run-around?

I sure hope so.  That’s probably one big reason why you have joined blog curation — to stop chasing after guru nonsense, and finally build your business from the bottom up.  Forbes Magazine is the very essence of the solid, serious business community.  When Forbes publishes really positive articles about YOUR business strategy, that should help you feel confirmed in your choice of using curation.

Forbes Mag On Curation

The battle for top billing on the search results page is fierce – and sites with fresh, relevant content are the ones that come out on top.  Sounds like an easy formula, but maintaining SEO performance is often easier said than done.  As any marketer will tell you, continuously creating, publishing and promoting original content is no small task.  That is why many are turning to content curation tools that help find, organize and share content online to ensure that their site is constantly delivering updated, highly topical, keyword-rich content – making it a natural winner in the battle of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO performance is top of mind for most marketers in today’s digital world. Most marketers I speak with want to know how simply generating content is going to propel them to page one of the search results. It is important for marketers to understand that generating content is not the only thing about curation that will translate into better SEO performance. In an excerpt from my company’s new e-book, here is a list of ways that content curation allows you to fight above your weight class in the battle for first page results.

  • Optimizing for short-tail keywords: The content you curate for your chosen topic will automatically include the most popular search terms within your area of interest.  The quantity of references to those key terms across a wide range of content will help boost your search standing
  • Increasing the opportunity for inbound links: As readers and other industry publishers discover the value of your content, they will link to you as a trusted resource. In addition, sources you’ve curated may link back to you.
  • Increasing update frequency: Curated sites are typically updated on a regular basis. Search engines actively reward up-to-date sites by indexing them more often than less current ones.
  • Properly tagging and categorizing content: Search engines love well-organized content. Curation platforms help you arrange your content so it’s useful to visitors and attractive to search engines.
  • Creating sub-topic landing pages: Bump your content to the top of refined searches by creating highly-targeted landing pages built around specific sub-topics or content attributes (author, location, keyword, etc.)
  • Integrating long-tail keywords: The diversity and depth of content on a well-curated site naturally incorporates many key long-tail keywords that help to drive niche-targeted traffic.
  • Helping you identify trending keywords: As a topic matures, new keywords emerge. Your curated content will help you recognize these patterns and you can use what you learn to optimize new content.

Marketers are finding that curating content on their site is producing results.

Just take Bob Meyer president and co-founder of MPS Connect as an example. “Every search that is in our market niche, we’re on the first page at least once.,” he says. “This is huge for us, because we see a 10 percent growth in page views per month and a big part of those new visitors come from Google searches.”

I trust you are curating your sites every day, with Dr. Kilstien’s brilliant blog curation system as your guideline.

If you have any questions at all, remember to send them to Blog Curation at the gmail address given to you.



  1. What a great post!
    Even though i have just started the Quick Start Course and haven’t even picked a niche yet, what is above sounds just like what harlan is teaching to a tee.
    Lokks like i’m on a winner here can hardly wait to sink my teeth into this fully.

    • Thanks Marty. We’ll look for you on the other side. In the meantime, we’ll be putting lots more new, fresh information on the blog here.

      I appreciate your taking the time to make a comment. Encourages me personally, and helps Dr, K to keep on improving the curation course.

  2. Thanks for the great curated post ;)

    I have been doing marketing for approx 3 years on/off online, but this IS ahead of the wave.
    As you guys have mentioned…
    Really looking forward to my end decision on what topic to choose. I have over 45 sites and need to pick the right one. You will hear from me again.
    Thanks again for a very insightful and educational post with heavy weight.
    It helps-.

  3. The more I log in to the members area, the more assured I am for becoming a quick start member. I concur with the earlier comments regarding niche/topic selection. It’s taking longer than I expected, but am diligently following the advice given at the start in order to minimise mistakes. Thanks for the great motivational content.

  4. Teri Harris says:

    This is great info to inspire newbie curators (like me)! Here’s the link to the Forbes story above and the free e-book on curation mentioned in the article . . . for any who were interested in the full story, like I was.

    Below is a link to a very interesting article that was mentioned in the Forbes article with mind-blowing stats that every curator (marketer) should know:

    The above will give you added confidence that you are in the right place at the right time!

  5. philip featherstone says:

    Hi I must say I ‘m enjoying the course greatly a bit of a learning curve in parts.But I know I’ll get there in the end.What I would like to know is when checking the daily spend on advertising the keyword has, is it higher the better?Thanks once again for all the advice and motivation your team is giving me.
    Everest wasn’t climbed in a day it was done a step at a time.==>Phil

  6. Joseph Connor says:

    thank you 100 times for this extremely motivating article. I have been marketing now for almost a year and only began focusing on one project at a time 2 months ago. Since then, many great things have happened and I knew I needed to get going with blogging but wanted to do it right the first time. Persistence is helpful but in reality the best way to success is doing things the right way. This is why I chose you guys and paid $497 to learn because I know the only way to success is through methodical planning and authoritative training. We will get both of those and more with you guys I am sure. Now I am beginning to feel curation blogging will become the only tool I use in my arsenal from today forward.
    THANKS AGAIN for this awesome opportunity Jim & Dr. Harlan!! :-)

    Joseph Connor

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