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Here is what Tom Renfro says
about learning curation with Dr. Kilstein

“Over the last two plus years I have spent thousands of dollars, trying to build an online business, buying program after program from every big name guru out there. I have worked harder and put in more hours than any of the off-line business I’ve built, with almost no real results.
Then, a few months ago, I had the good fortune to given Harlan Kilstein’s name, by someone who was already very successful online.
I was warned that Harlan might be a bit ‘gruff,’ but was told the only thing that surpassed his marketing, his business sense and skills as a teacher, was his absolute integrity. Which, I’m happy to say, is the exactly the experience I had, and because of that I’ve jumped in with both feet.
And, as a result, in a relatively short period of time, I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in a number of Harlan’s programs, for which, I must say, that I paid far less for (in some cases as much as twenty times less), than the ‘guru’ programs,and ended up with more with real world, valuable and actionable information, in a shorter period of time than I would have thought possible.
One of the thing that separates Harlan’s programs from all the big name marketers is, that he gives you what you need to build your business, not just a piece of it. In all Harlan’s programs, I’ve taken, he teaches you every step you need to take in order to successfully create an income online.
The reason I’m writing this, however, is that as good as all of Harlan’s program-trainings are, and as I said, they are head-and-shoulders above the rest, Blog Curation, is with out a doubt, the most powerful program for creating a real, doable, income producing long term online business I’ve ever come across. And, as stated earlier, I’ve dropped some serious coin and invested more hours away from the family than I care to admit.
That said, it doesn’t mean there’s isn’t any work involved, a successful business always requires work, but hey, if your going to do it anyway, you might as well start something you have a passion for and, as importantly, something in which you really have a chance to succeed.
Bottom line, I’ve had more productive results in thirty days in the Blog Curation program than I’ve had  in the whole of the previous two years in all the other guru programs. And, oh yeah, here’s a kicker, it turns out that this program is more than worth the money even if all you learned was the SEO and monetization strategies he teaches; heck, you apply them to a ‘traditional’ blogging business successfully.
Am I recommending Blog Curation? You better believe it, save your self thousands of dollars and a whole bunch of time because this one’s the real deal, and you know why I’m smiling, because it’s really fun too.
Thank you, Harlan for ground floor opportunity.
Tom Renfro AKA Tommyji ”

Here is Ken Albrecht


Having spent a tremendous amount of money and time on various IM courses on SEO and related subjects over the past several years with marginal success I was skeptical when learning about your Blog Curation course. 

However, my gut instinct told me Blog Curation had the mechanics of what truly works with the search engines and people searching for quality content. 

The results I’ve obtained in several different markets with Blog Curation and your teachings have been astonishing as well as your dedication to over-deliver. 

Anyone considering Blog Curation simply needs to follow your detailed and easy to follow process and they too will be equally amazed with the results. Your course receives two thumbs up from me and I am forever thankful.

 Ken A


Dr. Max Vogt on his experience.


I’ve slowly built a profitable and strong internet business with my products over the last 7 years to the point where it’s doing well.  I’ve achieved very good Google rankings and traffic and income.  It was an arduous process where I bought literally hundreds of programs, books, courses and attended trainings, seminars and got direct coaching from “gurus.”

Net result from all of that was that my own trial and error work – despite its time consuming drudgery – was far better than the leftover, no longer working crap I spent an exorbitant amount of money on… stuff that these gurus KNEW no longer worked and were just pawning off on unsuspecting but eager seekers and workers – buyers – like me.

I’m not just saying that as one of the herd of wannabe internet marketers.  I’m a success at it, and have access to some of the inner circles of marketers and I can tell you that what you suspect is true of most of them (there are a few exceptions) is actually true.

Their only interest is in making as much money as possible soaking suckers like I used to be into buying their warmed over “casseroles.” In recent years I’ve gotten to know quite a few of these guys and in the bars they readily admit after a few drinks they are pawning off their old stuff and keeping their new stuff – the things that really work NOW – secret.

Take this on good authority, these guys don’t care about you.  I can name names and quote conversations.  I’m only saying this to confirm what you already suspect.

The only reason I have been able to make a living online is because I stopped listening to these guys and followed what seemed right to me: provide value and care about my customers, and stop playing black hat style tricks and other nonsense.

Now along came Harlan.

I’ve been following his work very carefully for years and had met him a couple of times and knew this was a different kind of teacher, one who is interested in the results that his customers and clients get, and that he is completely unafraid to go against the grain of this aforementioned school of “gurus” I had finally escaped.

Harlan only teaches what works, what gets results and what makes peoples’ lives better.  This comes from his spiritual center – from God and from a genuine belief in abundance, I believe.

I’ve been in Harlan’s one on one Blog Curation coaching program now for 6 weeks.

I decided I wanted to go into a new “niche,” one which has been a passion of mine but I’ve never known how to turn into a business.  And I sure as heck didn’t want to spend several more years getting some success in it, so I was glad for the help.

Harlan helped me clearly define the market, what was available and what would work, and steered me away from the kinds of pitfalls and traps that I know the “gurus” would have either not known were pitfalls or would not have cared.

What took me years to do before – to rank high for very competitive words (using Harlan’s unique approach and focus on excellence), I was able to do in weeks.  I’ve gotten recognition from and now even am building relationships with some of the biggest names in this almost impenetrable niche.  I’m seeing my “real” traffic (not just clicks, but interested people with whom I’m increasingly in contact) grow very steadily and building a very valuable internet property – and real business – here that I would have thought to be almost impossible to do a couple of months ago.

Harlan is an excellent guide, a warm and generous person and someone who truly cares about the success of those he coaches.  I would genuinely and without reseveration recommend him as a coach and teacher to anyone I know.  He will steadily and yet authoritatively guide you to success in your business.


Dr. Max Vogt


From Dean Caporella

“The blog curation course has been a revelation for me from someone who
knows how to teach and from someone who cares about one’s success.

Harlan Kilstein calls a spade a spade and that’s how I like to be
taught. He has left nothing out in teaching blog curation to his
students and his attention to detail is first class. Most courses I’ve
seen over the years will give you some but not all of the puzzle to
succeeding online but Harlan lays it all out there in easy to follow
steps that anyone who is serious about being taught can follow. And add
to this the Beach Millions software, and this is the complete package.

As someone who is earning a full time living online, I rank Harlan’s
Blog Curation in my top five all time best internet marketing courses
and now have five blogs pulling in money and traffic online using this

Well done Harlan and once again, thanks for your honesty and ability to
teach internet marketing the way it should be taught.”

Dean Caporella.