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Blog Curation student and curator Dekel Dayan asked these important questions …

2011/10/12 Dekel Dayan

Hi Harlan
A few more questions:
1. Do I need to copy the exact title from the feed I am using, or can I alter it a little?
You NEED to change it!
1. you want your main keywords in  ~ 80% of your posts for the first months..
2. part of making things original is the original headline/title tags
3. part of making your posts appealing is the new headline
Make Every headline your own….
For more examples see lots of articles on MeditationTechniques.co
and see how we are using the headlines to target long tail keywords….
2. When I use the keyword phrase in the first and last paragraphs, does it has to be the exact title phrase or can it be edited to sound sensible.
The title is not exactly the same as the keyword phrase…
though that does work well…..
It’s more like this….

Step By Step Process To Turn Your Targeted Keywords Into Headlines

(and get the targetted traffic that makes you money)

1. you have a list of keyword phrases that you want to target.
     get this from google keywords tool and ubersuggest.org
2. print out this big long list…. you want it handy when you curate
3. find an appealing and useful article in your BMTA feeds
4,  decide which keyword phrase this article is legitimately closest to,
   but also balancing in what keyword phrases you want to target.
   perhaps because they are  associated with a product you are promoting.
5. Once you’ve matched the keyword phrase to the article in front of you
    (this is all easier than it sounds once you have curated a few dozen posts)
    NOW…. write your headline, including the keyword phrase
    Put the EXACT keyword phrase in the first one or two sentences in your intro.
    Put the EXACT keywords phrase in the last one or two sentences in your outro.
    Bold the first and last use of your keyword phrases in intro and outro.
3. When writing on a specific person, how can I add his picture without copyright violations?
This is a great question for several reasons.
It’s great to write about the celebrities in your niche…
AND… it’s great to write about huge celebrities with a REAL tie-in to your niche.
For example… when really famous people reveal that they meditate,
we always try to cover that… and it brings traffic to the site every time!
Most celebrities have a wikipedia page,
and you can click on that picture and read about the
rights to use that picture on your site.
Read carefully and follow the rules, but usually
you just have to credit the original source.  But do it right!
Do NOT just copy pictures from other websites,
or google images or any other sources like that.
Now…. perhaps you are writing about a person who is not on Wikipedia.  Decide if it’s worth the time to write a polite email to the person and ask them if you can use their picture on an article about them that you are publishing on your site.  90% of the time you will get an enthusiastic yes… and probably a link to the article from them once it’s published.
No permission, no problems…. just use a free picture that is thematically related to your topic.
4. When referring to the original news, do I need to write “see it here from CNN.com” or just “read the full story here” is enough.
Mix it up.  Say it as many different ways as you can.
BMTA gives a standard link format, which is fine too.
Both of the ways you say it above are fine!
1. The BMTA brings only 3 lines from each feed?? Do I have to go to the original article to fetch the rest for the post? Or am I missing some feature in the software?
The excerpt is just there to give you a quick yes/no answer as to
whether you want to curate it or not.
If you like the excerpt, go to the original story, scan it,
and cut and paste a slightly larger excerpt if you really want.
2. How do I give the background color to the quoted text, in my post?
The way block quotes are handled differently in every theme.
Just ALWAYS put it in block quotes, and when you change themes,
the quotes will be handled according to the new theme.
This theme has a nice way of displaying block quotes, doesn’t it?
Because a lot of material on our curated sites is inside of block quotes,
I tend to choose themes with a nice handling of  them.
www.MeditationTechniques.co  and this one are examples of nicely displayed block quotes.


  1. BoioBess Daro says:

    Hello Jim, It is very important to listen and learn from the experienced before speaking too much. My task here is to do just that. I look forward to contributing in a more substantial way in the near future.
    Speak soon, BoioBess

  2. Jim, I never made a long list of keywords and tried to see which would work for the new article I choose from BMTA. This is not going to work I see. I didn’t get the concept. About how long should the list be? … not super long, right? Maybe thirty phrases?? . It means that my keywords don’t get used over and over. When you start using the same keywords over that is when you start seeing your new articles go to the top immediately after writing them because of the duplication, right?

    • Hi Laurie,

      Not exactly.

      Here’s another way of looking at it.
      Get your list of keywords…. maybe from the google adsense tool, maybe from ubersuggest.org etc… as per keywords videos in your course.

      What I do is have a big list of keyword phrases I want to target, and then I opportunistically “squeeze” various news stories into the headline….
      … and that is a part of the art of curation.

      Your best plan of action is action.

      Do a lot of curation. Send it to Glenna at support, and ask for feedback and advice.

      Curation is like swimming or riding a bike….. hard to explain to someone on the sidelines,
      and much easier as you go along. So jump in… jump on…. make mistakes….. do your best…
      and things will work out.

      AND…. keep asking for help, We’re there to help!


  3. Rick Redd says:

    Is this old information? I heard Harlan say TODAY not to worry about SEO at all. Isn’t this post about optimizing SEO?

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