Understanding Keywords And Curation

Dr. Harlan Kilstein

Dr. Harlan Kilstein

Here’s a useful video from Dr. Kilstein that delivers some powerful insights into how some of the most powerful websites in the world use long-tail keyword targeting to match their content with the most eager viewers.

When your content is exactly what your visitors are looking for, you both win.

Your Main Take-Away

Here is the biggest lesson to learn from this video (even though it’s chock-full of info you can take action on today…)

Even the most powerful websites in the world
are targeting long-tail keywords and not
big, generic search terms.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this insight! Now I understand that targeting short search terms doesn’t mean as much as targeting long-tail keywords.

    • Thanks for the feedback Janus. Getting floods of traffic with with the wrong keywords costs you money — because those folks will never convert. They just are not looking for what you offer. It’s a simple concept, but often overlooked. You don’t want random traffic, you want people who are REALLY interested in what your site offers, and who will convert into buyers.

  2. Hi guys,
    I’m a new member {only quickstart} and just getting to grips with the whole curation concept. I have chosen a niche and will be starting to curate.
    This vid from Harlen has helped me get a real handle on the LT, KW landscape, and reinforces the training in the quick start
    Keep ‘em coming, these quickies are sometimes better than the whole 9yards {if you get my meaning}

    Thanks so much


  3. Russell Hazlett says:

    Hi Harlan,
    I have worked every night after working late even after midnight at times and spent countless weekend hours as well for the last two years trying to “Crack the Code”. I have bought (spent thousands) and meticulously followed many many so called internet business systems. Built many sites, posted articles, done back linking, learnt SEO from the experts, built Squidoo lenses, advertised on Facebook, spent a year following an expensive course from Prosper building a site and done countless other things to promote my online business’s all to no avail.
    I’m not going to give up because I know the answer is out there. “Blog Curation” seems to be not only a breath of fresh air but a real chance at achieving my goal.
    I have just bought your Quick Start program and look forward to making my first dollar on line building up to a sustainable full time business.
    I must say this is the most not hyped program (no spammy sales pages, no worthless bonuses and no dreaded up-sells) I hate up-sells. What I have seen is real stuff that is believable and appears to work. I will the leave the “well done!” until I have proof that this works. Can’t wait to build my first business with you.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Russel….

      Yes… .work hard about one hour a day…. 5 or days a week…. and your results will be goooood!

      Keep asking all your questions at the email address provided to you.


    • Susan ODea says:

      I agree with everything Russell said. I finally feel like I have mentors that I can trust and that are truly willing to help us all succeed. So thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to become successful.
      I know this article is on understanding keywords and curation…but it’s more. It’s helping everyone ‘understand’.

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