Why Google LOVES Curated News Sites In Your Niche

Greetings Fellow Curators!

Dr. Kilstein has been teaching us all to put fresh, relevant, curated content on our sites every day.  Why?  Because he has already proven it works best on his own sites, and he teaches only the best of the best of what’s working.

Daily Curation Is About To Work Even Better

As you know, Google makes changes all the time.  The Panda changes helped well-curated sites that bring the news to their niche.  Harlan’s curation course taught you that.  The new Google changes are going to help you even more — but only if you are following the instructions in his course about fresh daily content.

Check out this story by Barry Schwartz, over at Search Engine Land.

Google said:

We completed our Caffeine web indexing system last year, which allows us to crawl and index the web for fresh content quickly on an enormous scale. Building upon the momentum from Caffeine, today we’re making a significant improvement to our ranking algorithm that impacts roughly 35 percent of searches and better determines when to give you more up-to-date relevant results for these varying degrees of freshness.

35% Of The Searches Are Impacted

That is larger than the Panda update which impacted 12% of the searches conducted.

What type of searches does it impact? Google said:

  • Recent events or hot topics. For recent events or hot topics that begin trending on the web, you want to find the latest information immediately. Now when you search for current events like [occupy oakland protest], or for the latest news about the [nba lockout], you’ll see more high-quality pages that might only be minutes old.
  • Regularly recurring events. Some events take place on a regularly recurring basis, such as annual conferences like [ICALP] or an event like the [presidential election]. Without specifying with your keywords, it’s implied that you expect to see the most recent event, and not one from 50 years ago. There are also things that recur more frequently, so now when you’re searching for the latest [NFL scores], [dancing with the stars] results or [exxon earnings], you’ll see the latest information.
  • Frequent updates. There are also searches for information that changes often, but isn’t really a hot topic or a recurring event. For example, if you’re researching the [best slr cameras], or you’re in the market for a new car and want [subaru impreza reviews], you probably want the most up to date information. Original story here.


What action should you take?

If you are not curating daily, this is just one more Big Reason to get started.  Get up 20 minutes earlier in the morning.  Stay up half an hour later in the evening. Turn off the TV.  Quit wasting time on other websites, and make yours THE go-to site for

  • news,
  • views,
  • tips,
  • questions,
  •  quotes,
  • videos,
  • heart-warming stories,
  • hilarious pictures,
  • fascinating videos

and all the curated goodness that Dr. Kilstein has been teaching you.

Curation is great now… and getting even better.

Curate …. Baby…. Curate…..


  1. BoioBess Daro says:

    Hi Jim Arthur, I have just joined yesterday and have been watching and listening to you and Dr Kilstein about Blog Curation as an online business opportunity. I have read about blogs/blogging which was I think started/invented some decade ago, but I have never heard anything like blog curation. I am so intrigued and interested to learn more about it and hope to follow the steps recommended into building up my online business.I find this concept fresh and exciting but of course challenging.I look forward to sharing more in these pages as we become more interactive and familiar in our community.Talk soon. BoioBess Daro.

  2. Romy Macias says:

    Hello Jim,
    Just want to let you know how much I appreciate the opportunity you’re giving us as students to post our thoughts here. I joined the Blog Curation program back in August and have been following your lessons diligently. I am amazed at the speed at which google is “loving” me, as Dr. Kilstein says. Thanks for your dedication to helping us achieve our online goals. I’m sticking to what you and Harlan teach because you care and because it WORKS!

  3. Hi Harlan, it’s been great listening to your advice and watching the videos etc. You mention the sites like Huffington Post , Mashable and the Drudge report etc. My question is this: I have a great domain that I could use as a news site for use with similar categories ie. celebrities, tech, lifestyle, business etc. Would I be jumping in the deep end with a news blog which I would monetize in the first instance by Adsense or should I go for something smaller and drill down into a sub niche?

    I do like the idea of a decent news blog and I’m not afraid of hard work. What do you think?



    • HI Steve…

      1. I think a huge general news site is too challenging. Choose a niche, perhaps a tight one, perhaps a bigger one. But it’s far more profitable to attract a community of passionate lovers of your niche. Drill down. We teach you how, specifically, in the course.
      2. It is far easier and more profitable to monetize by selling products, yours and affiliate products, than using advertising.

      Hope that helps

      Curate… baby… curate

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